The Post-Tea Slump

I’d like to think it affects millions worldwide. You return home from a hard days work. Then take the kids through the bedtime routine. Finally get them down so you can eat tea. Then it hits you…the post-tea slump.

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When To Turn The Light Off As A Lone Parent

It was my wife’s first night out and my first night alone with Ayla. Why was I so hesitant to turn the light off?

Turn the light off
Brave Lads In The Dark

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Oh Ayla! (To The Tune of The Oak Ridge Boys – Elvira)

A song to the tune of the Oak Ridge Boys – Elvira

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How to Halloween – How to Dad-BOO!

Halloween always evokes special memories for a whole range of reasons. I wouldn’t say we are that much of a ‘spooky family’ but it’s a time of year when we love to celebrate. Would you believe that both me and my wife grew up in houses beside graveyards – different graveyards by the way – we actually have to drive through the graveyard to get to my Mams house. Maybe we are spookier than I thought!

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How to Dress Your Daughter

Top Tips:

  • Pink leggings with brown knee socks (with decorative ribbon) over the knee aren’t, and never will be, in season.
  • Long sleeve vests under short sleeved garments are a no-go.
  • If you’ve cut the toes out of your child’s sleep suit for extra foot space don’t take them out in it. It’s not a good look.


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How to Pom Pom at Baby Yoga

“It’ll be fine” my wife said “Baby yoga is always lovely”. Little did I know I was soon to be thrust into a female-dominated world or, in this case, room.

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SGBS Awareness

I’ve always related to the scene in Forrest Gump (my film spirit animal, alongside Sid the Sloth) when Forrest finds out he has a son and asks Jenny “Is he smart or is he….?”

My sister and I (I’m on the right, obviously)

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Sean Beeson – How to Daddoo

Sean Beeson is an award winning composer for hundreds of projects worldwide including video games, film, television, and other multimedia. We caught up with him to get his take on being a Daddoo to four and soon to be five.

Sean Beeson
The Beeson Family

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Misreadings During Storytime

As parents, bedtime stories usually come at the end of a hard day at work or chasing your child around all day. After limping around the house making a supper time snack, fetching pyjamas, brushing teeth and giving any required medicine you and your little one settle down to read the bedtime story. It’s only when you’re winding down for the day, you become prone to misreadings during storytime.

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