How to Pom Pom at Baby Yoga

“It’ll be fine” my wife said “Baby yoga is always lovely”. Little did I know I was soon to be thrust into a female-dominated world or, in this case, room.

I quickly realised I could do with a few sessions of adult yoga myself. The other Mums must have wondered who the big oaf in the corner was, struggling to sit with his legs crossed. I can’t complain at all about the benefits of baby yoga. I enjoyed the sessions. I loved watching Ayla enjoy herself at any playgroup. With baby yoga you can physically see throughout the sessions the relaxing music and poses gradually calming the children.

Furthermore, it’s been found to aid the digestive system, body awareness/confidence,  muscle strength, sleeping and co-ordination. Throughout the themed sessions various props are handed out. It was then it happened. Two bright pink pom poms landed on my lap.

“Dads can join in too!”

Whilst I appreciated the inclusion, I had no prior experience with pom poms. I never made the cheerleading squad…my school didn’t even have a bloody cheerleading squad! I shot worried glances between the yoga instructor and the pom poms.

“On your feet Dad!” She said, clearly having my life. I struggled to my feet considering how long it took to hunch down there to begin with. She pressed play as I began to move to the rhythm of the music.

baby yoga

It reminded me of the time I accidently ended up in the middle of a dance off at the 2006 UK Beatbox Championships in a Newcastle nightclub. While well put together dance troupe’s did choreographed routines I stumbled into the middle after two pints and began shuffling my arms back and forth to a cleared circle of blank stares. In my mind I was Usher, in reality I more resembled Mr. Bean.

Back at yoga, I flamboyantly flicked the pom poms around me, less trying to get Ayla’s attention and more losing myself in the music. “Bazooka – Bazooka – Bubblegum!” Realising I was having too much fun I quickly scanned the room. Luckily everyone was focused on their child and waving their pom poms with similar enthusiasm, so I carried on. Maybe I got a little too carried away.

Baby yoga

Top tips for any fellow Daddoos attending Baby Yoga.

1. It’s important to avoid eye contact with other Mums (whom you don’t know!) when unwittingly throwing hip thrusting combinations.

2. Similarly, be aware of others snapping photos but try NOT to ‘blue steel’ straight down the camera.

3. Wear appropriate clothing to avoid flashing your builders bum.

4. As an extension of point 3, be aware of full length mirrors behind you.

Baby yoga

5. Wear decent socks! If they can’t be matching at least make sure they don’t have holes in.

The sessions always ended with both parents and children laying face up while relaxing music played and bubbles were blown into your eye line and on the odd occasion, eye-ball. As I was working night shift around the time Ayla was a baby, the trick in ending the session was staying awake so you’re still able to leave at the end.

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