How to Move House With Two Children

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. As with anything, add children to the mix and moving house becomes 10x more stressful. Here’s how we fared.

Moving house
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Sleep Tactics – The Big Girl Bed

On the last installment of Sleep Tactics we’d finally cracked controlled crying. When we became pregnant with Daniel we needed the cot again and Ayla needed to move to the big girl bed.

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How to Halloween – How to Dad-BOO!

Halloween always evokes special memories for a whole range of reasons. I wouldn’t say we are that much of a ‘spooky family’ but it’s a time of year when we love to celebrate. Would you believe that both me and my wife grew up in houses beside graveyards – different graveyards by the way – we actually have to drive through the graveyard to get to my Mams house. Maybe we are spookier than I thought!

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Decorating Nursery

As this is my first DIY post, I must start with somewhat of a disclaimer. I’ve never been very good at DIY, let alone decorating a nursery for my son. I’m clumsy, I tend to awkwardly get in the way and break things rather than improve them, sigh. I’m also not too proud to welcome any help and/or guidance from wiser members of the family or in other words let them do it for me. Alternatively I tend to provide a steady stream of cups of tea and biscuits throughout the day. In this instance my wonderful in-laws were the beneficiary’s of my tea making prowess.

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