The Benefits of a Sitty Down Wee

We’ve all been there as fathers. The kids are running riot. You’ve lost all semblance of control and are beginning to lose your mind. You kind of have a feeling in your stomach, it’s coming. You get a little giddy at the prospect. It’s soon to be toilet time. It’s a sitty down wee. Here we’ll explain the benefits.

Sitty down wee

1) 100% Accuracy. Unless you’re a terrible shot.

2) A nice rest.

3) An opportunity to go on your electronic device (get your mind out the gutter!)

4) Not catching your child in the crossfire.

5) TOP TIP: The wee can quickly turn to an imaginary poo if your partner questions the length of time you’ve been in there.

So, in the immortal words of Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan “Try it yourself.” You’ll never go back to standing up and hitting the pot again.

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