The Benefits of a Sitty Down Wee

We’ve all been there as fathers. The kids are running riot. You’ve lost all semblance of control and are beginning to lose your mind. You kind of have a feeling in your stomach, it’s coming. You get a little giddy at the prospect. It’s soon to be toilet time. It’s a sitty down wee. Here we’ll explain the benefits.

Sitty down wee
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Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

Today marks two whole years of the most beautiful, blue, sparkly eyes, the most infectious, cheeky smile and being around the happiest little guy in town. Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!
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Our Day Out at Sunderland AFC Ladies

On the last game of their season, I took our daughter Ayla to her first proper football match to watch Sunderland AFC Ladies. We’re going to tell you all about our first day out at the football.

Melanie Reay
Ayla with manager Melanie Reay
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What Kids Watch

Despite both still being at a relatively young age, our children have already had a wide range of obsessions when it comes to what they watch on TV. Both have shown early signs of ‘fighting over the remote warfare’ and thus limited my own choice of screen time (humph!) Here’s what kids watch –

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Foot Hurt Locker

We’ve all experienced it. Unsuspectingly walking around the home casually in no footwear. It can be a stubbed toe or standing on something the pain buckles the use of your legs and you crumple in a heap. It’s a pain up there with a shot to the groin or even man flu, it’s the foot hurt locker.

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How to Live With A Pregnant Lady

Disclaimer: I feel safe to post this due to the fact I don’t currently live with a currently pregnant lady. I feel this vindicates me from getting in any trouble.

My wife, cousin and sister all pregnant at the same time
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David Turton – How to Daddoo

David Turton is an author whose debut novel, The Malaise is out now. We caught up with him to talk about the book and being stepdad to Liam and Olivia.

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The Case Of The Missing Dummy

As parents we’ve had a complicated relationship with the dummy or dodie as it’s dubbed in our house. Yeah, we’ve found the dummy a must to help soothe the baby back to sleep during the night. Despite the ‘good or bad’ debate, our main gripe is how they seem to be the Houdini of the inanimate object world, how and where they go I will never know.

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