Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

Today marks two whole years of the most beautiful, blue, sparkly eyes, the most infectious, cheeky smile and being around the happiest little guy in town. Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

You often hear “Where does the time go” from other parents. This is literally the case with Daniel. The past two years has flown, gracing everyone he meets with a smile and never failing to gain plaudits such as “Eee, he’s not a pick of bother!” everywhere he goes. Note: They don’t see him sitting on my sleeping head at 5am or getting into everything.

In the past year, he’s became a regular on the local toddler group circuit. He’s taken up swimming lessons and recently started joining in at Dinky Dancers. A future Billy Elliott in the making!

He really has came on this year. He has a heart of gold, often doing what you ask him first time and helpfully copies practical tasks like wiping up the juice that he’s spilled 5 minutes earlier.

Our Daniel, DD, D, D-Boy, D-Train, Deej, Deech, DanDan, you literally light up our lives, we love you beyond measure. Happy 2nd Birthday Daniel!

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