A 1-Year-Olds Journey Through The Day

Have you ever wondered what your little one gets up to when they go silent in another room? We decided to find out by noting our 1-year-olds journey through the day.

A 1-year-olds journey

Tries to shut himself in the freezer while you’re making his breakfast.

Tries to pull stuff out of the bin.

Messes with the plug sockets.

Empties the cereal/biscuit cupboard (including the contents of each packet) onto the kitchen floor.

Climbs up the stairs at an electric pace, shrieking with laughter.

A 1-year-olds journey

Empties the DVD drawer. Takes discs from cases and licks them.

A 1-year-olds journey

Pulls all books from the bookshelf. Moves onto colouring books, pens and pencils leaving them in a mound on the floor.

A 1-year-olds journey

Pulls out the phone wire (while looking you in the eye while you’re telling him “Noooo!”)

Turns on the DVD player. Ejects the DVD tray and uses it to pull himself up.

Turns off the DVD player (only ever mid movie when you’re watching it – cue screams from 3-year-old sister).

Slaps TV.

Smears grubby hands on TV screen, windows, mirrors and pretty much anything that looks clean. Licks TV screen, windows, mirrors and… you get the picture.

Walks past the microwave area and becomes fixated with the microwave window. Hails over an adult to lift him in reach of the microwave buttons and laughs hysterically at it.

Finds a packet of baby-wipes, removes as many as possible, tastes one with disgust but goes back for another go. Cries uncontrollably when said baby-wipes are placed put of reach.

A 1-year-olds journey

Finds remote control, puts it to his ear and shouts ‘HIYA!’

Note: Do not leave the room he’s in then re-enter said room without food for him.

Watches you pack his bag and put it at the front door. Empties the contents of his bag just before you are about to escape the house. Squeals as you prise the wipes from his hands in order to put them back into his bag.

After following our 1-year-olds journey through the day, I conclude that he is a cheeky, slightly destructive, wipe loving vagabond. In addition I predict that when Daniel is older he is likely to be either an electrician or an anarchist. We wouldn’t have him any other way.

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