How to Live With A Pregnant Lady

Disclaimer: I feel safe to post this due to the fact I don’t currently live with a currently pregnant lady. I feel this vindicates me from getting in any trouble.

My wife, cousin and sister all pregnant at the same time
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We’re Pregnant…Again!

As some of you may know, we had some good news over Christmas. Yes, Ayla received a kitchen from St Nick! She now cooks every meal and I live on a diet of invisible, plastic and wooden foods.

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How To Have A Baby

Daddoo: "Hello beautiful"
Daddoo: “Hello beautiful”

Top Tip: Sometimes coffee and biscuits aren’t a great idea.

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How To React When Your Wife Tells You She’s Pregnant


Wife: “We’re pregnant!”

Top Tip: When your wife is nearly at her due date do not attend pointless seminar’s especially with an uncharged phone.

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