Foot Hurt Locker

We’ve all experienced it. Unsuspectingly walking around the home casually in no footwear. It can be a stubbed toe or standing on something the pain buckles the use of your legs and you crumple in a heap. It’s a pain up there with a shot to the groin or even man flu, it’s the foot hurt locker.

Bouncer Chairs

Ayla’s old bouncer had long rods to make the chair actually bounce. They were atop of non-skid feet. Little did I know this lethal combination made it prime for stubbing toes and becoming lodged in the gaps between my Monster Munch toes. Furthermore, the non-skid feet ensured it wouldn’t budge to maximise pain levels.

Random Toys

They’re small, can blend into the floor and you never see them on approach. Yes, we all have a draw full of random, crappy toys which the kids get out, forget about and leave for some unsuspecting parent to break their neck on. The little turd I stood on (pictured at the top of the post) had more sharp points than you realise on first inspection. The blue toy above (what even is it? Answers/guesses in the comments below!) I trod on in the kitchen and sent me careering into the floor level, kitchen cupboards.


UPDATE: Just this week, I was putting Ayla to bed. I kicked the below Dragon with my two smallest toes and spent the next ten minutes sitting down in anguish. Who knew these cute, little Fingerling things could cause such pain?! I was sure it’s stupid wings pierced my toe-skin. Stupid dragon.


The holy grail and pride of place in the Foot Hurt Locker. Lego has been wrecking Daddoo feet for 86 years and counting. I’ve seen cases where the lego piece has pierced the skin and became lodged within the foot. There was even a meme going around a piece took out Neymar during a World Cup match last year.

In conclusion, in the world of children and baby toys and accessories, everything’s a danger to your feet. These items don’t discriminate and they can ravage pain upon your hooves at any moment. Stay safe out there, fellow Daddoos. Proceed with caution, you don’t want to wind up in the foot hurt locker.

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