Our Second Year Blogging

This week we celebrated our second year blogging, as a brand and as a platform to share my ropey parenting techniques.

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The Past Year

We looked back at this at the same time last year. In that time we’ve added another member to the Daddoo family in baby Daniel Ivan William AKA D-Roc AKA D-Rocafella AKA D-Train AKA DJ AKA DD. Daniel’s been a wonderful addition to the family, not least because he’s given me oodles more material to use, hehe.

The blog continues to be approached by some great brands and we have great guest bloggers contributing to the site including music composer Sean Beeson (who has 1 million followers on Twitter, eeeek!)

This year we’ve also been contacted by publications and vloggers alike to get my take on being a Daddoo! I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, let alone advising others of what to do with my thimble full of parenting knowledge.

Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve done on the blog this year is open up about Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome which I was born with and my daughter is potentially a carrier of (we’ll find out for sure when she’s a little older). The post had a lot of parents and people affected by the syndrome ask us questions and connecting with other families. This was massive for me personally to speak openly about and receive such a positive reaction. It’s something I’d love to speak about more in the future so feel free to get in touch!

The Year Ahead

I still have many goals I want to accomplish in this vast blogosphere we inhabit. I want to improve the backend of the site and I’m calling in favours from my more technically minded mates to get the site rocking and rolling in that aspect.

They’re a million ways I want to take the site to help us become an all encompassing parenting super brand. Achieving this with limited time (spare time mainly consumed by Football Manager) and sleep deprived could prove a mountainous task but I’ve set myself goals towards achieving this.

I certainly feel more focused on continuing to get great guest bloggers post on the site, make more of an income through the blog and as always continue to build a community of new, nervous or unsure Dads. So subscribe, add us to your favourites and like/follow us on social media and buckle up, cause this time next year Rodders…either that or I’ll still be mulling over playing Donald Love or loaning him to Yeovil.

Thanks for reading!

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