The Sunshine Blogger Award

Earlier this week I’m pleased to say I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by The Modern Father. 

Sunshine Blog Award

So now’s the time to answer a few questions and nominate more brilliant bloggers to do the same themselves. Let’s get into it…

The Modern Father’s Questions:

  1. What have your kids done to embarrass you this week? Watching an old episode of You’ve Been Framed where someone was hit in the nads. I blurted out “Ooh, right in the ballsack!” which she repeated instantly and at random intervals during the week even going as far to make up a song with that as the chorus to an upbeat ditty.
  2. Did you embarrass them back? If not, why? Nah, they’re both too young for humiliation warfare.
  3. Who’s the reason you got a call from school about something your kid said: You or your partner? The kids have yet to start school. Ayla begins nursery  next week though so see question 1.
  4. What about parenting is still a problem for you? Having kids is not an acceptable answer. God, where do I start. I’d say lack of sleep. Before we had our son, who is now 9-months-old, we had our 3-year-old in a good bedtime routine/sleeping pattern. I miss my sleep *cries* I also have an inability to use the nappy mat as a resource during changing. In the last three days this has resulted in poo on the living room floor and poo on Daniel’s bedroom floor. Never a good look when trying to sell your house.
  5. What advice did your own father or father-figure give that was useful? As a result of many insecurities as a youngster, I’d avoid gangs of teenagers and my body language screamed ‘KICK ME.’ My father taught me to start lifting weights and carry myself with a little more confidence.
  6. What was completely useless? He once mistakenly used the threat “You’ll feel the weight of my arse on your hand
  7. What personality trait of yours do you not look forward to seeing in your kids? I think with the pressures of work/life in general make the most laid back of people a little grouchy. I hope the kids can maintain a happy medium and not take it out on thier nearest and dearest.
  8. What craft/artwork have your kids done that you were impressed by?
    Anything that made you suggest engineering?
    Ayla loves to craft! She loves even more to present her craft sessions as if she’s a vlogger with squillions of subscribers. This is complete with phrases like  “It’s gonna be great, so let’s get started!” “Hi guys!” and “Leave your comments below.”
  9. What was the last toy you stepped on, and where did you bury it? I stepped on the little jerk pictured below. It buckled my knee which, in turn, made me face-plant the kitchen draws. I even took a photo of him for the kids to remember him by. Sunshine Blogger Award
  10. What was the most recent request from your partner or kids that you agreed to then immediately regretted? I agreed to watch the kids when my wife organised her best friends hen party. Imagine my horror when I realised they were off to Marbella for four days.
  11. Why did you agree to answer any of these questions? I wanted to get involved in and share the award within the community and ask my peers and fellow dads questions. I was also struggling for content so the timing was perfect.

Our Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself and your family life?
  2. Tell us about your blog?
  3. How do you balance family life, work and running your blog?
  4. What’s the best thing for you about being a parent?
  5. What is your funniest moment being a Parent?
  6. What is your top tip for other Parents?
  7. What are your future goals for both yourself and your children?
  8. What are your future goals for your blog?
  9. What has been your biggest challenge as a parent?
  10. Has your blog influenced the way you parent?
  11. What would be your ‘lift song’ on Take Me Out?

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