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Coffee brings function to this early rising Daddoo’s day, like a morning shower, exercise or a brisk walk in the fresh air with Ayla (she does tend to dawdle behind me though). It gets the brain ticking and after about three cups on the bounce can make you wonder whether you’re vibrating or there’s an Earth tremor. Some mornings I feel I’d be better off pouring it over my head for maximum impact.

Sudden coffee

The first thing that struck me was the high quality packaging and branding the Sudden Coffee came in. To open the packaging you’re greeting by capsules of the crystallised coffee. Now, I am a simple man whom is easily confused but Sudden Coffee is quite simple. Simply empty the contents of a capsule, add 8-10 oz of hoter water, stir and enjoy. It’s easy, even for me!

Now, I’ve searched high and low for a coffee I can enjoy. From large supermarket brands, discount stores own brands and even local roasteries without the added complication of using a cafetiere.

When Sudden Coffee reached out to us, we selected a trial of their medium roast speciality grad Arabica coffee which is 100% sustainably grown and produced in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Being a medium roast, it’s stronger than my usual coffee which I tend to bury the actual taste of with sugars and creamers. In attempting to culture my taste buds I continued to taste and with its undertones of lemon, sugarcane and dried apricot I polished that bad boy off and was ready for my next cup.

Ever since Sudden Coffee got in touch through the blog, I’ve fell in love with the brand and especially the great tasting coffee. The ease of use certainly helps too. When I’m up with the kids first thing on a morning I need my caffiene and the efficency Sudden Coffee provides is perfect when keeping the kids out of the cleaning cupboard/electric sockets and various other perils of the modern household.

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