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Another great guest post, as 28-year-old Stewart Burton from Darlington tells us all about life with Max and Maggie and the perils of baby poo!

It’s amazing how time flies, don’t you think ? It only seems like yesterday I was in school, wishing my life away by dreaming of leaving and becoming a free man, doing anything I wanted. Now I’m laid on the sofa with my 5 day old son burrowed into my chest, half watching ‘Planet Earth’ & sucking on a prawn cracker to make sure the crunching doesn’t wake him.

I’m nearing 28 years old and have two beautiful children, Max & Maggie. I’m inclined to be biased but I honestly believe they are destined to be on the cover of a magazine of some sorts. How I created these two little diamonds is beyond me, I look (and smell) like a weathered foot at the best of times.

As I type this I am looking down at my sons face with the feeling that surely, only a parent can feel. I had never experienced such love until I had children. Even when I have a soiled nappy stuck to my elbow whilst trying to shield myself from a stream of projectile poo, I can’t help but adore this amazing little creature.

Speaking of poo, this is new for me as with my daughter Maggie, I did not have the opportunity to share those experiences. To cut a long story short, I have only recently began what has become an amazing relationship with my daughter, something which just keeps growing stronger.

Aah, poo! What is it with baby poo? Why is it yellow? Why does it shoot out in a way tomato sauce would from a bottle? I must admit I was NOT prepared for the dangers of infantile bowel movements! I thought I would have things pretty much covered but apparently, I don’t. Put it this way, 4oz milk + 1 baby = 1 ruined fur rug.


If you were to ask what is the best thing about being a father, I would have to say….. everything!

The midnight feeds, the ruined rugs, unexpected pumps, burps, dressing up, funny faces, swimming, parks, I-Spy and losing at every game. Just seeing the smile on my kids faces makes any situation worth it. One thing in particular for me is being called ‘Dad’, that one word can make my day!

From a newborn to a 4 year old little madam, the feeling is the same. Whether you’re covered head to toe in poo, snot, milk or make-up (if your daughter asks you to wear lipstick, you wear lipstick!) that feeling never goes away.

So far the only advice I could possibly give about being a parent is, never underestimate the distance a baby’s poop can travel!

You’ll learn everything as you go, just as I am.

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