Health Visitor Questions That Confused Me

First of all, I must put on record my massive respect for midwives and health visitors who work very hard to ensure the safety of our children’s health. I remember before Ayla’s first health visitor visits I’d change my outfit three times before they arrived in case they realised I was a schlub who was living in his pyjamas everyday at the time and deem me unfit.

health visitor questions
“Whose at the door?”

Needless to say our health visitors have always been lovely in performing due diligence and put our minds at rest regarding a whole host of queries we had.

This list also probably says more about me being unable to comprehend the simplest of questions. Here is a light hearted collection of some of the questioned which left me a little puzzled…

1) “Are you on drugs?” – Do I look that bad today?

2) “Is the house in a good state of repair?” – Asked while in said house.

3) “Are you and your wife related?”

“Yes, we’re married”

“No, by blood. Brother and sister? Cousins?”

4) “How is Ayla?” – asked while Ayla’s clearly sobbing after her vaccinations while I was stressing trying to get her clothing back on.

5) “May seem like a silly question but – Are you pregnant?”

OK, that last one was asked by a foot doctor, not a midwife or health visitor. It was also asked to me alone with my legs akimbo podiatrist during a consultation. I certainly felt pregnant at that moment but it did illicit a blank look around the room to see if that was a real question.

Has any questions by medical professionals left you confused? Answer in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Health Visitor Questions That Confused Me”

  1. I always took these questions on the chin. They are being asked for very good reason, even if they seem a bit random. The one that gets me is if you evr have to take a kid to hospital: “Are you known by a social worker?”

  2. I cant recall too many odd ones thankfully but I recall when my husband took our son to the Paediatric consultant for a referral she just bambozzled him with questions and didn’t leave space for him to talk. he was shell-shocked when I got home from work! Mich x

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