BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

Late nights up blogging, early mornings and sorting Daniel Jr’s midnight snacks lead to one thing – tired, strained eyes. You’ve got to be kinder to the ol’ peepholes. So when BenQ got in touch to send me their e-Reading lamp it was easy to say yes.

E-reading lamp

First up, let’s start with what the lamp does. It is specifically designed for viewing your monitor or other device screens making it easier on the eye, keeping glare at a minimum and utilising ‘zero flicker technology.’

The lamp has many unique features to other regular lamps and BenQ have utilised their cutting edge technology to create the worlds first e-reading lamp.

The LED panel boasts a 50000-hour lifespan. Which for those of you like me without a degree in LED lighting is the equivilant of leaving the light on for 8-hours a day for 17 years!

The lamp has ambience settings meaning you can set it between a ‘warm tone’, for the at home/reading situation, and a ‘cool tone’, for when you’re hard at work. This is done with a simple twist, either way, of the knob on the top of the lamp.

From there you can tap the knob once to set your brightness settings depending on what you’re doing and adjust it accordingly. All this may sound difficult or technical but believe me, if I can manage to work it it’s actually quite simple.

The lamp even has inbuilt smart light technology.  One touch of the hoop on the back of the panel and it literally senses the ambience in the room. This compensates for the glare of the screen and balances the light spread boosting visibility and efficiency while reducing any glare and strain on your eyes.

E-reading lamp

For the past few months Rachel has been using her smart phone light so not to disturb the sleeping household (by ‘household’ I really mean ‘me’) during night feeds. The one touch turn-on feature is really practical and saves scrambling around for a switch when your newborn is spewing everywhere and you need that elusive muslin.

The flexible ball joints and 90° rotation allow the user to manipulate the light to hit the area they need to shed light on.

The unique shape and curve of the lamp light (referred to by BenQ as ‘smile curve technology’) means you get a wide 90cm coverage across the whole of your desk or area you’re looking to light.

All this makes the lamp one of the best products I’ve reviewed thus far. Unless you’re Bain (born into darkness) or the Undertaker (The Lord of Darkness) it would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to light up their lives. The streamlined design would make it look at home in any room not just at your desk. Would you believe the missus is now trying to claim it for her side of the bed for night feeds with Daniel.

N.B. This is a collaborative post having received the product to review from BenQ.

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