Four Things Every Kitchen Needs

Whether you enjoy cooking for your family, or see it as a loathsome task, having a good kitchen setup can make all the difference; particularly in terms of efficiency.


For instance, if you’ve ever cooked a meal with an old pan and all the burnt on food gets stuck to the bottom each time you cook, then you will know for frustrating cooking can be, yet this is a completely unnecessary frustration – as just with something as simple as swapping your pans to Copper Chef pans can transform your experience, turning cooking into something much more pleasurable.

In that spirit, we take a look at three things every kitchen needs to run as harmoniously as possible.  After all, I’ve previous experience if working within a professional kitchen (albeit as a pot wash); so let’s take a look at three things every kitchen needs to run as efficiently as possible.


Unless you’re a professional chef, then you don’t need to invest in a super expensive chef’s knife, but buying a decent solid blade for around £20 will seriously make your life easier.  A chef’s knife is versatile in the sense that it will allow you to chop, slice and mince without having to swap knives.  You’ll want to stainless steel knife in order to keep away rust, and perhaps consider a knife protector if you have inquisitive kids around in the kitchen.

Equally important to the knife you use, however, is the surface on which you chop.  Having a stable chopping board not only enhances the safety of your cooking (on the basis you’re less likely to slip and lose a finger) but also the speed and efficiency in which you chop through things.


A food processor is your most versatile friend in the kitchen, as a good food processor can do everything from mince garlic to kneading bread.  A decent one is likely to cost around £80, though there are much more expensive options should you wish to indulge, and there are cheaper ones too – but when it comes to investing in something like this, the phrase “buy cheap buy twice” comes to mind, so it’s worth getting a decent one that will last the test of time.


Aah, my old friend, we meet again! The chore of washing up is probably one of the most loathsome household chores, as it is time consuming, messy and just a bit gross… particularly if you’ve left the plates to build up for a day or two.  In this sense, investing in a dishwasher is such a time saver and can make for much fewer arguments around the dinner table.  I still manage to debate the correct way to stack plates with Rachel, regularly reminding her of my background in dishwashing.

When you outsource this grim task you’ll have much more time to spend doing the things in life you enjoy, engage with your children, as particularly if you’ve been out at work most the day – the last thing you want is for your time to be taken up doing such tasks, when you could be interacting with your kids on a meaningful level.


Literally, what did anyone do before kitchen roll?! It’s quite possibly the thing I use most in my whole house. I can’t get enough of the stuff. It cleans, it dries, it truly is the pen-knife of the kitchen world.

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